One in three childern in the world do not recieve the education they need to be literate.
The Amarok Society, is a Canadian registered charity has taken a unique approach to address this need. Focused on Bangladesh, the Amarok Society teaches mothers to be teachers of the children within their own communities.

Mother's attend Amarok run schools in the day and teach five local children what they have learned after class.

More than just a mechanism to combat illiteracy, the Amarok Society's approach, helps address social factors which perpetuate poverty through a lack of education. Girls are often forced into early marriage by the tradition of paying dowries. Social norms provide an incentive for parents to marry-off their daughters early. For boys the pressure of poverty forces them into childhood jobs taking them out of school.

By teaching mothers within the community how to teach they also are equipped with the agency to avocate for positive social change valuing education for their childern and the children within their local communites.

The Rotary Club of Nepean Kanata is a supporter of the Amarok Society.